Important dates

For your successful preparation for the 2019 Atlant Tournament, we hereby summarize the deadlines that must be kept:

April 1st: the final date to submit a participation application form. You can register your team online here or complete the application form sent by us and return it to, or to address: 32 Vladayska Str., 1606 Sofia, Bulgaria.

May 1st: the final date to pay the registration fee of Euro 150 per team. If you withdrawal from participation in the Atlant Tournament, the fee will not be refunded.


June 1st: the final date to send a full list of the teams containing full name, date of birth and ID card/Passport number. For participants who need visas the list should contain: full name, date of birth, passport number, date of issue, expiry date.

June 1st: the final date to transfer the whole amount for your participation via a bank transfer or notify the Organizational Committee that you will pay when the team arrives in Primorsko.

July 8th: arrival of participants, putting up at hotels, conducting the Technical Conference in the town of Primorsko with all delegates, drawing the lots, and presenting the Tournament Program.

July 9-10th: commencement date of the Atlant Tournament matches

July 11th: finals; Atlant Tournament closing ceremony

July 12th: groups depart.

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